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Floor Mount Tilting Stand

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Part Number:SM-HAPS

Our Height Adjustable Pedestal Stand (HAPS) is the perfect addition to your Shop Mate 2x48" belt grinder linisher or Shop Master 2x72" belt grinder linisher, providing a compact, stable mounting platform for your VFD and grinder. These stands allow for a 12 inch height adjustment (from 33 inches to 45 inches in 1inch  steps), making it easy to set a comfortable and ergonomic working height regardless of your stature.

The HAPS tilting mechanism allows the grinder to be set from vertical to horizontal and everywhere in between. This creates a vast range of new possibilities and setups, breathing new life into the existing functionality of your belt grinder.

Combining the the horizontal grinder / linisher setup with the Universal Tool Rest makes it possible to utilise the whole length of your flat platen; great for creating perfectly flat, square edges on your material. Alternatively; unlock the potential of the Small Wheel Attachment by creating a ‘spindle sander’ style setup – great for visibility and access into tight corners and contours.

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